Sabah: Brown, Queer and Trans

Sabah is a British-Pakistani activist who describes themselves as ‘queer, trans and brown’, and feels that they are somewhere between male and female.

credit: Christa Holka

Sabah feels only at the start of being able to call themselves a Muslim again, and are trying to bring Islam back into their identity in a way that feels authentic.

“My strongest relationship is with myself, in terms of listening to myself and giving myself time to come back to faith. I think that has been the hardest part of my identity to come back to. Out of gender, race and sexuality, it has been faith that’s been the toughest.

It’s a struggle. It’s never going to be simple and easy. I’m always going to be questioning it. When I understood that, it did feel peaceful.

I want to be in a place where I can talk about parts of my identity as well as talking about faith, because I think that is still a taboo that needs to be broken in queer spaces and spaces for queer people of colour. We just don’t talk about faith anymore.”



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