Meet our Exhibition Photographer: Christa Holka

Christa Holka, photographer

Twilight People photographer
Twilight People photographer
I am a queer London-based photographer who has been making casual and formal portraits of my community over the last 10 years. My work focuses on documenting and archiving the communities in which I exist. From portraits of friends and peers, to images of my everyday life and high-energy club nights, to directed cinematic narratives, to film and television stills, my work is combination of intention and chance, observation and participation, engagement and distraction, contributing to a living record of a particular time and place while exploring personal narrative, memory, identity, self-representation and art practice.
An avid documentarian, I also specialise in documenting live art/artists and art events, press and publicity photography for performance and theatre, portraits, reportage, exhibitions documentation, stills photography for film and television, behind-the-scenes for fashion as well as events photography. My portrait work has regularly appeared in the London-based Diva Magazine, and has been featured in the Dutch magazine Girls Like Us. My documentary nightlife images have appeared in many online blogs, most regularly in the London-based lesbian blog, The Most Cake ( I have exhibited work in galleries in the U.S., London, Berlin and Athens. My work has also been featured on’s Art:21 blog. I have also given artist talks about my work at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, the Tate Modern, London and at Union Docs in Brooklyn, New York.