Fran: working to support transgender people

7179962_orig-gicFran S. worked as a clinical nurse specialised in gender and campaigner for trans rights for the last 30 years. She recounts her experiencing supporting trans people through transitions, her personal relationships and her campaigning work. Fran is also a qualified legal expert and a psychotherapist.

In her oral history, she reflects back on the role of faith for non-binary gender individuals, on her experience of helping a high percentage of trans people coming from a Catholic background, and she recounts the lack of public support within the Catholic Church, there were some exceptions for which she gives some details, including the struggle of getting marriages annulled and about some conversions she witnessed at the time. Fran reflects on the challenges that trans people from a Muslim background faced when transitioning. The Church turned away from helping people, which prompted her to convert to Judaism and to becoming a campaigner.